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I got to Concrete Street Amphitheater early to grab a beer and a hotdog. I wanted to
be close to the entrance, so I literally drove inside a large bush and parked there.

Why would Rob Zombie want to play Corpus Christi, TX. There is nothing here.

The first thing I noticed was a fetid stench of death. My hotdog had a turd
aftertaste. I quickly figured out that next door were millions of gallons of raw
sewage. The main stage was 100 yards from the municipal sewer plant where the
excrement of 350,000 people rots in giant holding tanks. The sea breeze normally
pushes the putrid smell away but tonight it blanketed the audience.

There is an old cemetery on a hill across the venue where deadbeat fans watch the
gig without paying. The graveyard had a bunch of skanks and drunken idiots
desecrating graves, driving and parking on them. I was hoping to see cadavers rise
and punish the retards like in the movies.

I’ve attached some aerial photos so you can see the layout and how close the nasty
tanks are; one failure and Rob would drown in it.

He conjured up awesome songs. The makeup looked good, full of infected sores
(probably real since he was basically swimming in the vat of shit a few yards away).

A Zombie concert surrounded by skeletons, ghoulish aromas, and noxious gases…what
more can you ask for?


Lineage--> ZOOM H2N> 4channel max sampling 48kHz/24bit, 1.25 gain, comp
limiter, lo-cut setting, "normalize" function, mix MS/XY channels > Wavelab LE7
for downsample 44.1kHz/16bit >Roxio Sound Editor split tracks >TLH FLAC level 6
>DIME. I didn't do any EQ. This is my unadulterated Raw file. No fade in or fade
outs. Nothing was deleted.

Halfway thru, I moved up to get away from an old hag with bad breath asking for smokes.
My dumb luck it can never be a hottie. Didn't want to mess with the volume and risk
ruining the recording. I kept a close eye on the peaks. The right M/S channel clipped
a couple times. The other three channels where under 0 DB and never clipped.

At the beginning of Sick Bubble Gum, Zombie goes into an amazing 3-minute tirade
complaining about people playing with their I-Phones instead of rocking.

During the guitar solo, Zombie jumps off stage to gather bras from a bunch of girls
flashing their tits. He put the bras on the microphones and guitars.

I didn't record Korn (played after Zombie) because the stink was making me vomit,
flies were getting out of control... went home to shower and sniff cinammon sticks.

Location --> 40 feet in front of the right speaker bank. Venue was 80% full.
Crowd was enjoying the show -- were mostly subdued. The light arrangements, smoke,
lasers and props were phenomenal. Standing room only, there was no quiet spot anywhere.

11/2/2013 10:37pmct order ticket on-line
11/5/2013 ticket is printed 12:48pm
11/6/2013 Ticketmaster mails ticket
11/8/2013 Arrives to my home mailbox.

*** Don't sell, trade freely. Give me credit as taper. Support the artist. buy
merchandize and CD's. Go to concerts. Don't MP3. Need artwork ***

I'm always looking for feedback to improve so feel free to chime in.

Rob Zombie's Night of the Living Dreads Tour
November 17, 2013 Concrete Street Amphitheater
Corpus Christi, TX Pleasant November night in South TX, 75F.
Start time 7:58pmCT, end time 9:02pmCT.

01. Dead City Radio
02. Superbeast
03. Scum of the Earth
04. Banter
05. Living Dead Girl
06. The Star-Spangled Banner
07. We're an American Band
08. Drum Solo
09. More Human Than Human
10. Banter
11. Sick Bubble-Gum
12. House of 1000 Corpses
13. Never Gonna Stop
14. Thunder Kiss '65 (with Banter)
15. Guitar Solo
16. Am I Evil
17. Encore pause
18. Dragula
19. Band Introductions
20. Leaving the Amphitheater

Download Here:!bpRElJoT!Lcz4Hnqjj2yambXcZ-p-RVj3sCkCiZb_kMjkeXriRRk
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