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Robert Palmer - Triple M Master Cassette (FM Broadcast Melbourne)(RESEED)

There has been good response to reseeding some Robert Palmer. Here is another.

I got this upped by Jetrell69 on May 30, 2009. Thank you very much.

From my download.
Description RESEED - Original Seeder unknown. Thanks to whomever you are!!! smile.gif smile.gif

Robert Palmer
Date : unknown, but probably around 1988-1989
venue : unknown
Sound quality : excellent FM broadcast

FM broadcast -> master analog cassette tape -> plusdeck2 -> wavelab 4 -> CD Wave -> flac frontend

1. She Makes My Day
2. Looking For Clues
3. Some Like It Hot
4. Hyperactive
5. Discipline Of Love
6. Change His Ways
7. Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley
8. Addicted To Love
9. More Than Ever
10. Bad Case Of Loving You
11. Simply Irresistable

Another one dusted off from my live tape collection, taped from Triple M in Melbourne many years ago. I'm sure it's not the full concert, but this is all they played on the radio at the time. All the advertisements were edited out at the time of taping and this is noticeable between some songs, but otherwise it's a great sounding show.

Sorry I can't be more specific with date or venue, perhaps someone else can help?

Part 1:
Download Here:

Part 2:
Download Here:
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