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Robert Plant
Oakland Coliseum Arena
Oakland, California
November 25, 1988


Quality: B+

Other Arms
In The Light/Nobody's Fault But Mine
In The Mood
Going to Cali
Ship of Fools
Trampled Underfoot
Heaven Knows
Immigrant Song
Tall Cool One
Big Log
Misty Mountain Hop
Communication Breakdown

Notes: 20 years ago and a day ago, Robert Plant at the Oakland Coliseum, the indoor venue across from where Zep played its last show. After renouncing the Zep material and not playing any of that "crap" on his first few tours, Percy got wise and tossed in some Page/Plant crowd-pleasers. His material was becoming pretty commercial, and at this point, he was hawking Coke with "Tall Cool One." Nuff said. But the dude is a legend, so....still, opener Joan Jett Kinda blew him away ;-)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts