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Robert Plant "King Biscuit Flower Hour" live 1983 - 3CD - soundboard @ 320kps

Robert Plant
The King Biscuit Flower Hour
Broadcast Vinyl Stereo Transfer by jameskg

Broadcast Dates:
1984.01.29 (Part 1)
1984.02.05 (Part 2)

Performance Dates:
September 20, 1983 The Summit, Houston, TX
September 21, 1983 Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX
September 22, 1983 Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX

Vocals: Robert Plant
Guitar: Robbie Blunt & Bob Mayo
Bass : Paul Martinez
Keys : Jezz Woodroffe & Bob Mayo
Drums : Phil Collins

CD1 - 1984.01.29 Broadcast (sides A, B & C)
In The Mood
Pledge Pin
Messin' With The Mekon
Worse Than Detroit
Moonlight In Samosa
Fat Lip
Two Step

CD2 - 1984.02.05 Broadcast (sides A, B & C)
Other Arms
Horizontal Departure
Pledge Pin
Slow Dancer
Like I've Never Gone
Big Log
Burning Down One Side

CD3 - Rare "D" Sides - Broadcast versions - no announcer
In The Mood
Big Log

This is a four album set of vinyl broadcast discs used to distribute the King Biscuit Flower Hour to radio stations affiliates in the USA for weekly broadcasts. Long sought after by Zeppelin & Plant fans alike, only part of this short series has been available from the broadcast tapes until now. The quality you'll hear here surpasses that of previous "leaks" of the SBD material, especially the definition of the high frequencies.

Does anybody remember.... dynamics? The range on this recording is spectacular - nice and open - no clipping.

Absolutely ZERO compression, limiting or EQ applied to this transfer. This is CLEAN.
The only thing I did to this was meticulously remove any noticeable pops or crackles. I did NOT just run a generic pop filter on the entire set of audio, as that usually harms the recording in an unpleasant way.

This set runs as the broadcast did, with one exception: I removed all but one Honda Shadow commercial (they were all exactly the same and played at EVERY break). All other commercials are left in place. This entire transfer is precisely tracked so you can easily skip parts you don't want to hear. There are 43 tracks total, filling 3CDs.

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