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Robert Rumery - Alone Again

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I don't know if this will really "Flow" as I've been told by many that none of my "Songs" are really "Songs" but its about how confused I am about why this girl I really liked broke up with me.

Robert Rumery - Alone Again

I know I should be really happy,
but I'm not,
I know I should be he happy for you,
but I'm not,
all I can think about is the pain,
the pain that lives inside of me,

The day that you left me,
I can remember it so vividly,
you left me and I didn't really know,
why you did something like that to me,
I still don't know why,

Chorus : I'm Alone Again,
I'm Alone Again,
I'm Alone Again,

you sent me a letter in the mail,
explaining everything,
the who, the when, and the why,
but I still don't understand,

I sit in this empty-room,
were we made all of our memories,
where you kissed me,
and where we made love for the first time,
when we exclaimed that we'd be together forever,

the walls painted with your name,
pin-ups of your smiling face on my walls,
songs I've written about you,
they line the top of my bed like covers,
and I wonder why this had to come now,

Chorus : I'm Alone Again,
I'm Alone Again,
I'm Alone Again,

your back out on the streets,
drugs have taken over your life,
and I can't see why you'd want to live this way,
when you could have had someone like me to love you,

I held onto hope,
as god dangled it infront of me on a string,
like a cat would dangle cheese infront of a mouse,
Without you my life seems so meaningless,
its like I'm running around in circles without you,

Can't you see what you mean to me,
and how you complete my well-being,
how you are my heart, my mind and my soul,
I'm so miserable without you,
and I don't know if I can go on anymore,

Chorus : I'm Alone Again,
I'm Alone Again,
I'm Alone Again,

I wanted to grow old with you,
and father your child,
I would of stood behind you in your every decision,
but know I'm alone again,

sitting in the darkness of what used to be our life,
the live that we were supposed to live together,
and we were supposed to take on the world,
and know look at us now,

your getting married to someone,
and I'm back in the pit of depression,
I'm alone again,
and your happy with him,
I just don't really understand,

Chorus : I'm Alone Again,
I'm Alone Again,
I'm Alone Again,

And I don't think I will ever understand,
my heart still wants you,
but my mind says that I'm insane,
my heart is trying to keep me sane,
and trying to keep my hopes up,

I may not be your new husband,
and I may never love you like the way I want to,
but I know one thing for sure,
you'll always be my Amanda,
and I know for now I'll be Alone Again,
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