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This has Ozzy written all over it.. lol :jam:

Robert Rumery - Possessed by (The Devil Himself)

Theres a killer on the street,
and I can hear him screaming,
inside of my head,
and I can see what he can see,
hes living behind of my eyes,
hes living in my soul,

the devil's got a hold of my soul,
and hes making me do his bidding,
killing all the others that don't Believe,
satan is my little love child,
and hes using me as his puppet,
and hes pulling the strings,

I've got no religion to hold my back,
and no ties to hold me down,
I'm my own being,
and my own entitey,
I close my eyes and I see him,
his smile,
the voices in my head telling me what to do,

a helpless madman living in my head,
a darkend spirit and soul,
i can't see the light,
all I can see is darkness,
all I cna see is what he wants me to see,

Chorus : Possessed by ( The devil himself)
PossessedBy ( The Devil Himself)
Possessed by ( The Devil Himself)

The walls are closing in on me,
and I can't lie,
I know my end is near,
thats why your trying to save me,
and trying to spare my life,

Angels try to warn me against your reasoning,
but I don't wanna listen,
he gives me power that I've never felt before,
he gives me a sense of belonging,
killing, and killing again,
thats all that I know,

Chorus : Possessed by ( The Devil Himself)
Possessed by ( The Devil Himself)
Possessed by (The Devil Himself)

you filled my head up with lies,
trying to get me to do your bidding,
and make me watch the water,
turn from clear to crimson red,

blood fills the skys,
as I hear the pyscho scream,
the pyscho that lives in my heard,
i heard myself scream in the night,

the night has become his,
and I still can see him smiling at me,
and gloating at what I've become,
and what I've done for him,
the master of a evilness smiling at him,
Lucifier, the unholy one,

you tempted me with your powers,
and your unholy ways,
you told me your name was lucifier,
and that you'd give me unholy power,
but the fantasy was all mine,

a fantasy that painted the skys,
crismon red with your victims blood,
a fantasy that went untained,
i can see your power,
and i feel your evilness,
but I was tempted by your ways,

Chorus : Possessedby ( The Devil)
Possessed by ( The Devil)
Possessed by ( The Devil)

and know I slip back into darkness,
I try to break off from your ways,
but I know I have sealed my fate,
I sold my soul for rock and roll,
I sold my soul for you,
so know I shall walk in the shadows,

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Church? I don't think so!! I'm Slayers new WRITER!! bwahahahahahha!

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You Maybe "The Peoples Writer" but I'm "The Cerebral Writers Assasian" "The Writer's Game" Are you sure you want to play me?!?! Its time To play THE GAME!!!!

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At the time of writing that. I was possessed by myself and not the devil. I took a minute to sit back and read that. And I asked myself what kind of fucking drugs was I on to write something so dark and fucked up? I answerd myself.. "The Good Kind." It is very dark, and very interesting.. Someone must collab with me! Muah!! :jam: But anyways. I liked it thats all that really counts! :D :jam:
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