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Well this is basically a song to a friend of mine. She gets hurt alot, by her boyfriends and some of her friends. Its just saying how I wished I could save her a new addition to the insanity that is known as Robert Rumery (Cro) Hope ya like it. :jam: Anyone think I should do a cd? :dance:

Robert Rumery - Save You

I want to be there when you fall,
I want to be there when you cry,
I want to be there when your at your lowest,
and you need someone to pick you up,
and make you feel like your on cloud 9 again,

I wan to be your man,
the person that loves and cherishes you,
for who you are you really are,
and not for what you look like,
but for whats inside of you,
for whats inside of your soul,
for whats inside of your heart,

I've seen the evils that are held,
inside of this world that we both live in,
in a world that is plaqued with terrorism,
and is ruled with insanity and madness,
you need a super hero,
to save you when you need it,
you need a super hero to make you feel fine,

Chorus : I just want to save you,
have you fall into my arms,
I just want to save you,
and make you feel alright,
I just want to save you,
and have you fall into my arms,

All I ever wanted was to be your hero,
but I know that I can't,
because I don't have any fancy clothes,
and I don't have any super-powers,
but what I do have is this love for you in my heeart,
this love in my heart that won't ever die,

I know your life has been anything but perfect,
you think you love a guy,
and he dumps you for a bimbo,
he meet in a bar and that dosen't make you feel so great,
you start questioning your ability to love,
but all I have to say is try your best,
and find someone else to love you,

But when I said that,
I didn't think it through and maybe,
the person you need to love you,
the person you want to love you is standing infront of you,
I've looked into your eyes and have seen heaven,
I've looked into your soul and seen a home I want to live in,

I just want to be the person,
that you can turn to for help,
a person you can turn to for guidance,
a person you can love without strings attatched,
All I want to do is too..

Chorus : Save You,
And set you free from pain,
Save You,
And set you from the hate,
Save You,
And just take your pain away,

So many pains in this life,
for a girl like you to feel,
so many pains that you shouldn't have to deal with,
a boyfriend that never loved you,
a fiance' that cheated on you in your time of need,
so whats going down in there heads,
do they really know the pain they put your through,
or are they just doing this so they can control you,

so many unanswerd questions,
so many reasons for me to try and love you,
so many reasons for me to protect you from evil,
so many reasons to make you mine tonight,
al I ever wanted to be is your hero,
All I ever wanted to do is too...

Chorus : Save You,
From the evils in the world,
Save You,
from the pains of your past,
Save You,
from the world that has exhiled you,
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