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A great big thanks to the orginal uploader!
Robin Trower - "Guitar Bandit" - Live at Winterland, San Francisco 11-2-73 (liberated bootleg)

A long time ago, and not so far away, I spent nearly ten years working for a small record
store in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) called "Dirty Jack's Record Rack". Every few weeks this guy
would come around to the store and sell - *ahem* - bootlegs out of the trunk of his car (only
to the staff, not customers)....

It was sometime in 1974 that I acquired this boot. It's now a fairly well known bootleg, mainly
because it's such excellent quality. It's clear that it's from the soundboard, and the front cover
(included) text alludes to "Thank you to the magic patchbay for keeping it aside".

The available documentation that I was able to find, since there is no date/venue information
on the cover, is pretty sketchy, but best guess is that this was in San Francisco, at Winterland,
on either November 2 or 3rd, 1973, with November 2nd being more likely. If anyone has better
info/documentation, please let me know.

The technical specs on the digitization of this (vinyl) bootleg are :

Sansui P-L75 turntable ==> Sound Blaster Live! soundcard ==> Sound Forge 7.0 ==> FLAC

No normalization or EQ performed, the copy is near mint quality albeit with the normal surface
noise associated with vinyl. No pops, clicks, or scratches.

Setlist ===

1. The Fool and Me
2. Twice Removed From Yesterday
3. Lady Love
4. Daydream
5. Day of the Eagle
6. I Can't Wait Much Longer
7. Man of the World
8. Sinner's Song
9. Little Bit of Sympathy

The band is:
Robin Trower - guitar, vocals
James Dewar - bass, vocals
Reg Isidore - drums

Artwork included...

Enjoy, and think about donating to DIME!
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