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Robin Trower: February 9, 1975-Caley Cinema, Edinburgh, Scotland-Rare Soundboard

Robin Trower w. James Dewar on bass & vocals and Bill Lordan on drums.

Here is a mint, excellent-quality soundboard from the UK during the For Earth Below Tour in February 1975. Early Trower soundboards are very rare. Song samples provided. Hope you all enjoy this wonderful show. Posted by Mesquite 8/28/06.

Setlist (55:57)
1. Day of the Eagle
2. Bridge of Sighs
3. Gonna Be More Suspicious
4. Fine Day
5. Lady Love
6. Spellbound
7. Too Rolling Stoned
8. I Can't Wait Much Longer
9. Alethea (1 sec. overload distortion @ approx. 44:00) includes Lordan drum solo
10. Little Bit of Sympathy
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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