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Robin Trower1987-03-07, Robin Trower, Masonic Auditorium, Detroit Michigan (FM-SBD)

Robin Trower

Masonic Auditorium, Detroit Michigan March 7, 1987

This is a nice FM Broadcast of Robin Trower during the Passion tour with Davey Pattison. This is the last night of the tour and one of the better performances from that tour.

Lineage: FM > DAT > CDR > Wav > Flac

Quality A


Robin Trower - Guitar
Vocals : Davey Pattison
Bass : Dave Bronze
Drums : Pete Thompson

Setlist: length 80:52

Disc 1
01 Too Rolling Stoned
02 Secret Doors
03 Day of the Eagle
04 Bridge of Sighs
05 Passion
06 No Time
Disc 2
07 Daydream
08 Bad Time
09 Rock Me Baby
10 Won't Think About You
11 Little Bit of Sympathy


1 - 4 of 4 Posts