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Rock and Roll Tonight -
WAPP FM, New York;
August 14, 1983

Source: FM Broadcast>Cassette>CD Silver>WAV>MakeTorrent


01) For What It's Worth*
02) Darkstar*
03) War Game**
04) Military Madness**
05) Change Partners**
06) 4 & 20**
07) Crossroads*
08) I'm The One***
09) Hoochie Coochie Man***
10) Les & Jeff Jam (need title)****
11) Les & Jeff Jam (need title)****

*Stephen Stills
** Stephen Stills w/ Graham Nash
*** Willie Dixon
**** Les Paul with Jeff Beck (and Billy Squier)

This was recorded off WAPP FM during the Summer/Fall of 1983. I know the date for
the Stills/Nash/Dixon set is correct, but I believe Les and Jeff were broadcast
on a different date. Sorry, I do not know that date! Any help on the titles of their
tunes would be appreciated.

Rock and Roll Tonight was a late-nite TV show that showcased various artists.
The would simulcast the shows over the old WAPP FM here in the New York area.
I had this on tape for all this time and finally transfered it to CD. Now it's
time to share.


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