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Rod Stewart
Live at Reno Center
Reno, NV
November 3, 2018

Genre: British Pop
Audience Tape: A+
Mikes: Schoeps mk4 > Actives > NBox Platinum>
Recorder: Sony M-10
Transfer: Goldwave (Volume Boost, Compression > Dither to 16b) > Media Monkey (Flac Transfer L8)
Location: Right Center
Recorded by Scooter123
Tapers Trade List:

Tapers Notes:

The Reno Center is a very small arena and Rod Stewart arrived with nearly twelve trucks with his own
stage, spectacular stereo sound system, a 12 piece band, his trademark spiky, rooster hairdo in full coif,
and a huge body of work, spanning 50 years.
The taping Gods smiled on me this night.

As they played Da Ya Think I’m Sexy at the end of the set three large nets full of balloons were
released onto the crowd from the ceiling. The crowd was bouncing them around; the band was kicking
them back into the audience and everybody was having a gas.

Set List:

1. Introduction
2. Soul Finger
3. Banter
4. Infatuation
5. Having a Party
6. Some Guys Have All the Luck
7. Banter
8. Rhythm of My Heart
9. Banter
10. Georgie
11. Banter
12. Rolling and Tumbling
13. Forever Young
14. Banter Band Introduction
15. Maggie May
16. Banter
17. I'd Rather Go Blind
18. Banter
19. Downtown Train
20. Reason to Believe
21. First Cut is the Deepest
22. Banter
23. You're in My Heart
24. Banter
25. People Get Ready
26. Banter
27. Have I Told You Lately
28. Nutbush City
29. Banter
30. Stay With Me
31. Do You Think I'm Sexy
32. Sailing (some balloon popping)
33. Crowd
34. Sweet Little Rock and Roller

TT: 1:54

The true thanks go not to me, but to the taping community behind whose footsteps
I have followed, including those who have perfected the art of stealth recordings,
the makers of the stealthy mikes, cords, adapters, and preamps, and those who
have graciously shared their recording techniques.

I am merely a mike stand with a credit card and driver's license.

As always, I don't care what you do with these files, once you download
them--they are yours now, except these files are not for sale, free
trade only. You can thank me by uploading something of a similar genre.



Stewart, Rod - 01 Introduction.flac:01b4e6464675e220632d1677cf98d120
Stewart, Rod - 02 Soul Finger.flac:8107233a15460402dcd609ef9b949417
Stewart, Rod - 03 Banter.flac:a5e2dbc84aead2e0b1f9d67397f5d165
Stewart, Rod - 04 Infatuation.flac:c7e41805102e54d93fed347b7b131be9
Stewart, Rod - 05 Having a Party.flac:59ab56c25ce9f13b29b47ff2ada5b7cf
Stewart, Rod - 06 Some Guys Have All the Luck.flac:334ab8e6405b058dc50fed8846442901
Stewart, Rod - 07 Banter.flac:8449725b0afa38ec65d5c4edd82b1105
Stewart, Rod - 08 Rhythm of the Heart.flac:45e654e83590c9fe453a5bcff905644a
Stewart, Rod - 09 Banter.flac:62154b344d6a2f9205dd0b09bf3b2ef1
Stewart, Rod - 10 Georgie.flac:937986cfac33957378ae1fe2fe85c509
Stewart, Rod - 11 Banter.flac:02db541480db0f38c9971dee535112f6
Stewart, Rod - 12 Rolling and Tumbling.flac:b3e6c7924f555751fb43517c5c45e591
Stewart, Rod - 13 Forever Young.flac:d86c767f0326be6b3c434242eda08347
Stewart, Rod - 14 Band Introductions.flac:5483f15ac85c6603b6e084e7614cf266
Stewart, Rod - 15 Maggie May.flac:b87564016b74592f3428b53e5500b746
Stewart, Rod - 16 Banter.flac:f0354b1e37bc0cb74e963b575dbdec9a
Stewart, Rod - 17 I'd Rather Go Blind.flac:f7ea4fe3b414ba3504cf431e2b392f8e
Stewart, Rod - 18 Banter.flac:88e825c4af9beaf9c9c7d8396ca2c4ee
Stewart, Rod - 19 Downtown Train.flac:ee5216ac9cc0209686f0b564ed516b58
Stewart, Rod - 20 Reason to Believe.flac:20c9e1ab735c3089f5cb4df2d5cde9b2
Stewart, Rod - 21 First Cut is the Deepest.flac:16741359d8d6e9b866423d33ff3e28f7
Stewart, Rod - 22 Banter .flac:41da171a70f9c0602519446238de2ddf
Stewart, Rod - 23 You're in My Heart.flac:3afc1c3ac572343d06d3fa766d7651be
Stewart, Rod - 24 Banter.flac:4f5874799b0fbbeae485c8b25a7aaaec
Stewart, Rod - 25 People Get Ready.flac:ceb1d5fe007f2902a2863e04843d8897
Stewart, Rod - 26 Banter.flac:a4980997d325331c9d4ea921b8b0f107
Stewart, Rod - 27 Have I Told You Lately.flac:25a86850c9ec1971881c955c52abd64c
Stewart, Rod - 28 Nutbush City.flac:de583141072e2588aa1eaa247f007749
Stewart, Rod - 29 Banter.flac:a1ea8a71799a99dfee26fc58c7a6f8b1
Stewart, Rod - 30 Stay With Me.flac:a78ecea7507c1457a3c40e2d5dc3cfda
Stewart, Rod - 31 Do You Think I'm Sexy.flac:442f65d0b83c334fe5e74785547eaddb
Stewart, Rod - 32 Sailing.flac:21a99dc08a8c611713affdc6f8d80d3b
Stewart, Rod - 33 Crowd.flac:2d9e48cdcc9bf575e9fc1dfa86e1cb5f
Stewart, Rod - 34 Sweet Little Rock and Roller.flac:c9a64bc212ed9da674e0b6cf7b77b9ee

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