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Roger Waters
Verizon Center
Washington, DC
July 12, 2012

SOURCE: audience
Taped by Kubacheck

d1t01 Outside The Wall Intro
d1t02 In The Flesh
d1t03 The Thin Ice
d1t04 Another Brick In The Wall (pt 1)
d1t05 The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
d1t06 Another Brick In The Wall (pt 2)
d1t07 Another Brick Of Jean Charles De Menezes
d1t08 Mother
d1t09 Goodbye Blue Sky
d1t10 Empty Spaces
d1t11 What Shall We Do Now
d1t12 Young Lust
d1t13 One Of My Turns
d1t14 Don't Leave Me Now
d1t15 Another Brick In The Wall (pt 3)
d1t16 The Last Few Bricks
d1t17 Goodbye Cruel World
d2t01 Hey You
d2t02 Is There Anybody Out There
d2t03 Nobody Home
d2t04 Vera
d2t05 Bring The Boys Back Home
d2t06 Comfortably Numb
d2t07 The Show Must Go On
d2t08 In The Flesh
d2t09 Run Like Hell
d2t10 Waiting For The Worms
d2t11 Stop
d2t12 The Trial
d2t13 Outside The Wall

Notes: great show by Roger and Co., but that's no surprise..... wasn't gonna go this time around, but
3 days before the show, I stumbled upon a great seat, front row of club level 215 and it wasn't $280!!
so with the promise of an unobstructed view and elevation roughly equal to the hanging stacks,
I decided to pull the trigger.... as far as the recording goes, there is some chatter here and there
and some clapping, including some attempts by my seatmates to "clap in time" with some of the beats,
but not horrible.... the funniest crowd chatter on this tape would be courtesy of my seatmate to my
right, a chick (who turned out to be really nice) that leaned in and asked me if I had any weed, and
that she had nachos to bargain with!!! I never told her I was recording, but if she happens to come
across this tape, she'll know exactly who the taper was... :)

Download this bootleg here

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