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The Rolling Stones
Still Life In Hartford

CD1 - CD2: Civic Center Arena, Hartford, Connecticut, November 9, 1981
CD3 - CD4: Civic Center Arena, Hartford, Connecticut, November 10, 1981

Label: Dog N Cat Records
Catalog #: DAC-003

Artworks included (300dpi)

Original silver CD --> EAC (secure mode, offsets corrected) --> WAV --> FLAC 1.1.3 (level 8) --> FLAC

CD 1:
Take The A Train 1:05
Under My Thumb 4:43
When The Whip Comes Down 4:38
Let's Spend The Night Together 4:54
Shattered 4:55
Neighbors 4:39
Black Limousine 3:37
Just My Imagination 8:41
Down The Road Apiece 2:26
Going To A Go Go 3:43
Let Me Go 4:40
Time Is On My Side 4:17
Beast Of Burden 6:36
Waiting On A Friend 5:16
Let It Bleed 6:34

CD 2:
You Can't Always Get What You Want 8:49
Band Introductions 0:58
Little T&A 3:30
Tumbling Dice 4:12
She's So Cold 4:30
All Down The Line 4:22
Hang Fire 3:54
Miss You 5:19
Honky Tonk Women 3:59
Brown Sugar 3:23
Start Me Up 4:28
Jumpin' Jack Flash 9:14
Satisfaction 5:23

CD 3:
Take The A Train 1:05
Under My Thumb 4:34
When The Whip Comes Down 4:32
Let's Spend The Night Together 4:25
Shattered 5:11
Neighbors 4:15
Black Limousine 3:35
Just My Imagination 7:50
Twenty Flight Rock 2:22
Let Me Go 4:19
Time Is On My Side 3:50
Beast Of Burden 6:52
Waiting On A Friend 5:00
You Can't Always Get What You Want 6:23

CD 4:
Band Introductions 8:46
Little T&A 1:05
Tumbling Dice 3:25
She's So Cold 6:07
Hang Fire 4:03
Miss You 4:17
Honky Tonk Women 5:43
Brown Sugar 3:24
Start Me Up 3:38
Jumpin' Jack Flash 4:38
Satisfaction 8:32
Star Spangled Banner 5:15
School Day 2:57

Bootleg comments:
Released: 2004. Origin: Japan.
MATRIX: DAC-003-1// 2// 3// 4
Excellent Soundboard recording, except some tracks in Very Good Audience.

CD1\- Track01.flac:a378a03b5f0bda59c06e7c4965019215
CD1\- Track02.flac:f2a7696b30f8a703f22c7acbe16e5e32
CD1\- Track03.flac:66fa92372d6e0f110a2636fda1cab1c6
CD1\- Track04.flac:b3cb30c8ee02f14ee77049d99d6b5292
CD1\- Track05.flac:165961fa7011e6dd926544489d308718
CD1\- Track06.flac:6f848f2e2c4f4d72b4faae7d6b521f40
CD1\- Track07.flac:134316d643e5ae8a2e78155095a9b527
CD1\- Track08.flac:ef885c4bd55f0eeaf496c75bca8a0da7
CD1\- Track09.flac:6b6a876fe6f6a00e16090491ebf8296b
CD1\- Track10.flac:695d0c0ab6859aae8624d4ca900f8f99
CD1\- Track11.flac:6b85caa83838662104d6c5d59b25e066
CD1\- Track12.flac:cac219c8eceb65b7992f611532e8eda7
CD1\- Track13.flac:e00177d34635f7c32792ccb461416bf7
CD1\- Track14.flac:ac9bc77b6e6b0eea624f457f2341515d
CD1\- Track15.flac:06ff38a05f552d15e104d259658874ff
CD2\- Track01.flac:5b69e8eacd9950afe9f90ce89fd1fe0e
CD2\- Track02.flac:ca55fb200f6b730871d52fa23c7a7581
CD2\- Track03.flac:4c287189acf5f5924ebf70539d0e87e2
CD2\- Track04.flac:cb903547a081ec93e1c9a41ce3054b07
CD2\- Track05.flac:45e2b1f0e00a2878b008b645e7aa287f
CD2\- Track06.flac:e9f885ac9f7fe5a3e1a43c8d76a23643
CD2\- Track07.flac:347244e35b6b842de3db3cab16b6cdfd
CD2\- Track08.flac:e386c8495dc9277834a0112aa5ddabb1
CD2\- Track09.flac:b9c180c2ed02f0174a32982f65746da1
CD2\- Track10.flac:6069a295ce4b7b68db9fc9007005cf72
CD2\- Track11.flac:668e3505ac757999e92192e86953c4e1
CD2\- Track12.flac:41de40946700e399840c8b0f5461c5ff
CD2\- Track13.flac:16b71644e4905d3f0f7b406bb10e45b1
CD3\- Track01.flac:d7133c0c0d7eae9950ec3da4dc781d84
CD3\- Track02.flac:8eebf9bf47944c556a4bab2d0cf32a47
CD3\- Track03.flac:3c649164419f6838bcebddf378964f21
CD3\- Track04.flac:87ef0653d7ebe4dcf4aa9009c3a8b240
CD3\- Track05.flac:0c495d08d5c5c9db58624ea11f816ce4
CD3\- Track06.flac:a5b4417bd2e379f971cc009dfce35489
CD3\- Track07.flac:6b5875627758d0640258de800c1180a8
CD3\- Track08.flac:9bd7e1c382556f905dab4babd0c5e3ad
CD3\- Track09.flac:af9a7255e1a7b768cef2d23d454d209f
CD3\- Track10.flac:4c37b3f0f721b1caada6d4fe986451e4
CD3\- Track11.flac:8f22fba1e64ed04317036dbbe55974c9
CD3\- Track12.flac:ec54d38d85983f3ab246370955cf3eed
CD3\- Track13.flac:5e68b7bcc10a1bad3868d35dfcf2200a
CD3\- Track14.flac:99fc6992bf49cc26aab39c5145e10543
CD4\- Track01.flac:81e1d301aa3f4ceecf7a9b89c0d62551
CD4\- Track02.flac:13d4b66d706f5b76cedbcffbc861b9b6
CD4\- Track03.flac:3ee559686c3150006cda5c50977d57fc
CD4\- Track04.flac:556430eb79378b650f0d09765942015f
CD4\- Track05.flac:4d981d9502b30b5d6c07bcb4bff1324b
CD4\- Track06.flac:04cf25b7f849a044a898b96dc5779bcd
CD4\- Track07.flac:5b61cfe6e358a8bdb486f0f5f9b586be
CD4\- Track08.flac:4420f89615ab25dfbcaf69162164b90d
CD4\- Track09.flac:f58ac2f29ae2b7a7314edcd992532c28
CD4\- Track10.flac:7197ee0aefb1820173b37881e207c888
CD4\- Track11.flac:368fe41974b23a46994a3367ec4e391d
CD4\- Track12.flac:4fa7dda9d83b0fcc9cabb7c895fe0ce5
CD4\- Track13.flac:6ebe7645177992580138f7b6ac4704a9

No errors occured.

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