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hello I'm new here . Here's my first post

December 19th 1981 Hampton coliseum,VA,USA
The Rolling Stones

Under My Thumb
When the Whip Comes Down
Let's Spend the Night Together
Black Limousine
Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)
(The Temptations cover)
Twenty Flight Rock
(Eddie Cochran cover)
Going to a Go-Go
(The Miracles cover)
Let Me Go
Time Is on My Side
(Kai Winding & His Orchestra cover)
Beast of Burden
Waiting on a Friend
Let It Bleed
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Little T&A
(Keith Richards on lead vocals)
Tumbling Dice
She's So Cold
Hang Fire
Miss You
Start Me Up
Honky Tonk Women
Brown Sugar
Jumpin' Jack Flash
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction>sony audio sound forge>pcm 16 bit 44100 hz>
just gap remove no re-eq or db adjust>trader's little helper wav to mp3 320 kb/S current bit rate

Excellent soundboard

Canal de gauche Canal de droite
Position du curseur (Heure) 00:00:00,000 00:00:00,000
Valeur échant. à la position du curseur (dB) -Inf. -Inf.
Position min. échantil. (Heure) 00:02:47,875 00:01:21,511
Valeur d'échantillon minimale (dB) -0,000 -0,000
Position max. échant. (Heure) 00:14:12,002 00:14:12,002
Valeur d'échantillon maximale (dB) -0,000 -0,000
Niveau RMS (dB) -16,852 -17,065
Valeur moyenne (dB) -84,288 -84,288
Passages à zéro (Hz) 1*528,06 1*707,98


here the link:

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Thanks for the Stones! Would you be so kind to post the Stones Tampa 1994 and Toronto 2003 on the same site? Thanks in advance.

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