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Ronnie James Dio and Elf - War Pigs '72 [SBD]
The Bank
New York
Late January or Early February 1972

Soundboard Recording (Awesome!)


1.Wake Up Sunshine*
2.Smile For Me Lady*
4.You Felt The Same Way*
6.Saturday Night*
7.Cross-Eyed Mary
8.Stay With Me
9.Little Queenie/Johnny B Goode/Whole Lotta Shakin'(Medley)
10.An Old Raincoat Will Never Let You down
11.Cold Ramona
12.Black Dog
13.Lura Lura
14.Four Day Creep


1.Give Me A Chance
4.Drown Me In The River
5.Simple Man
6.Won’t Get Fooled Again/Baba O' Riley
7.Pisces Apple Lady
8.Dirty Dollar Bill
9.Buckingham Blues
10.So Long
11.You Shook Me/Rock's Boogie
12.War Pigs

* Studio Outtakes 1972
** Live At The Bank Late January or Early February 1972

Ronnie James Dio: Vocals & Bass
Gary Driscoll: Drums
Dave "Rock" Feinstein: Guitar
Mickey Lee Soule: Keyboards

Link FLAC Part1

Link FLAC Part2

Link FLAC Part1 - Mirror

Link FLAC Part2 - Mirror
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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