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Here we have a what seems to be a treasure trove of early (pre Rainbow) Dio era recordings.

Studio Music

Ronnie and the Redcaps
Lover (2.5 MB)
Conquest (2.3 MB)
An Angel Is Missing (2.3 MB)
What I'd Say (2.1 MB)

Ronnie and the Prophets
Ooh Poo Pah Doo (1.9 MB)
Love Pains (1.6 MB)
Gonna Make It Alone Dio - Gonna Make It Alone - Single - Gonna Make It Alone
Swingin' Street Dio - Gonna Make It Alone - Single - Gonna Make It Alone
Mr. Miser Ronnie Dio - Our Year - Mr. Misery
Che Tristezza Sensa Te (Mr. Misery - Italian version)
Our Year Ronnie Dio - Our Year - Mr. Misery
Love Potion #9 (1.8 MB)
Where You Gonna Run To Girl (2.1 MB)
Say You're Mine Again (1.7 MB)
Smiling By Day (Crying By Night) (2.1 MB)
Dear Darlin' (1.8 MB)
Walking Alone (2.2 MB)
The Way Of Love (2.3 MB)
10 Days With Brenda (1.8 MB)
Walking In Different Circles (2.0 MB)
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (2.3 MB)

The Electric Elves
Hey Look Me Over (1.9 MB)
It Pays To Advertise (2.4 MB)

The Elves
She's Not The Same (2.2 MB)
Walking In Different Circles (2.3 MB)
Amber Velvet (2.6 MB)
West Virginia (2.2 MB)

Live Music

Ronnie and the Prophets - Live at the Jacinta Lounge
Endwell, NY - December 31, 1965
Download zip file of the entire show (74.5 MB)

01. I Want To Do It (Bobby Comstock '63) [2:49]
02. It's Only Love (The Beatles '65) [2:25]
03. I Can't Help Myself (The Four Tops '65) [2:48]
04. Michelle (The Beatles '65) [2:39]
05. You Really Got Me (The Kinks '64) [2:37]
06. It Ain't Me Babe (Bob Dylan '64) [2:06]
07. It's All Over Now (The Rolling Stones '64) [3:06]
08. We Gotta Get Out Of The Place (The Animals '65) [3:04]
09. You're Going To Lose That Girl (The Beatles '65) [2:19]
10. We Belong Together (Ritchie Valens '59) [3:49]
11. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones '65) [3:50]
12. Set Me Free (The Kinks '65) [2:34]
13. We Can Work It Out (The Beatles '65) [2:09]
14. To Be Loved (Jackie Wilson '58) [3:30]
15. Till There Was You (The Beatles '63) [2:33]
16. Walking The Dog (Rufus Thomas '63) [3:07]
17. I Feel Good (James Brown '64) [3:31]
18. It's Gonna Be Alright (Gerry & The Pacemakers '64) [1:59]
19. The Monkey Time (Major Lance '63) [4:07]
20. Outro : Boogie Vamp [1:12]

Total Runtime [56:24]

Original Recording by John Stark
Audio clean up by Dave Parisi

Ronnie and the Prophets - Dio at Domino's
Follow Me (1.7 MB)
Blue Days (2 MB)
I Left My Heart In San Francisco (3.5 MB)
Red Top (2 MB)
An Angel Is Missing (2.2 MB)
Irresistible You (2.1 MB)
I Told You So (2.2 MB)
Everybody's Got A Dance (2.9 MB)
Don't Take Your Love From Me (3.4 MB)
Johnny Blue (2 MB)
Great Balls Of Fire (1.9 MB)
Love Pains (1.7 MB)

The Elves - Live At the Beacon
The Scramblers (3.8 MB)
Driftin' (7.5 MB)
Aqualung (Jethro Tull) (6 MB)
36 Year Old Lady (6.6 MB)
Mountain Venus (3.7 MB)
Simple Sister (Procol Harum) (5 MB)
The Rape Of Andre Lucia (16.7 MB)

The Elves - Live at the Bank
Side 1
Wakeup Sunshine (3.5 MB)
Smile For Me Lady (3.4 MB)
Rosemarie (2.2 MB)
You Felt The Same Way (4.6 MB)
Driftin (5.8 MB)
Saturday Night (2.6 MB)
Crosseyed Mary (3.3 MB)
Stay With Me (4.1 MB)
Little Queenie Medley (10.2 MB)
An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down (3.1 MB)
Cold Ramona (2.8 MB)
Black Dog (4.6 MB)
Lura Lura (4.3 MB)
Four Day Creep (2.8 MB)

Side 2
Give Me A Chance (3.7 MB)
Rumble (Instrumental) (2.3 MB)
Aqualung (6.1 MB)
Drown Me In The River (4.5 MB)
Simple Man (2.1 MB)
Won't Get Fooled Again/Baba O'Riley Medley (6.3 MB)
Pisces Apple Lady (4.3 MB)
Dirty Dollar Bill (2.6 MB)
Buckingham Blues (5.3 MB)
So Long (3.1 MB)
You Shook Me-Rocks Boogie (9.3 MB)
War Pigs (8.5 MB)

Bonus Tracks
Love Me Like a Woman (4.1 MB)
Stone Cold Fever (3.6 MB)
Behind Blue Eyes (3.4 MB)
Sit Down Honey (Rehearsal w/Mark Nauseef on drums) (3.7 MB)

The Elves * - Unknown US location from 1971
Brown Sugar
The Last Time
The Rape of Andre Lucia P1
The Rape of Andre Lucia P2
The Rape of Andre Lucia P3
Guitar Solo
Brown Sugar
Buckingham Blues
I Am The Gorilla
Mountain Venus
Southern Man
Buckingham Blues

The Elves - Unknown US location from 1971
Empty house
Country Cousin
Southern Man
Buckingham Blues
I Am The Gorilla
Space Trilogy
And Your Bird Can Sing
She's A_Rainbow
It Won't Be Long
Jumping Jack Flash
Here Comes The Sun
Gimme Shelter
Can't Buy Me Love
From Me To You

The Elves - Potsdam, NY 1972
Jesus Is Just Alright
Mountain Venus
Simple man
Trip Away
Won't Get Fooled Again/Baba O'Riley
I Movin'
Buckingham Blues
Belt-Bottom Blues
Brown Sugar
Smile For Me Lady
Couldn't Hire Me
Six Days On The Road
Unknown Title
Maggie May
Things We Said Today
Pine Tree Livin'
Saturday Night
Mountain Meanness
Little Queen Medley
Country Cousin

Elf Live (June 10, 1973)
Hoochie Koochie Lady (4.4 MB)
Rockin' Chair Rock'n'Roll Blues (6.2 MB)

Elf Live! ...And My Soul Shall Be Lifted
First Avenue
Sit Down Honey
Dixie Lee Junction
Stay With Me
I Want You To Love Me
I'm Coming Back For You
Love Me Like A Woman
Turkish Tram Conductor Blues (Originally by The Move)
Old Stone Cold Fever
Hoochie Koochie Lady
Rockin' Chair Rock 'N' Roll Blues
Goin' Down
Drum Solo
Gambler Gambler
Guitar Solo
Do The Same Thing
Little Queenie

The website requests that all files should not be reposted so I put the link below. Grab 'em while they're live...
MP3 | - Ronnie Dio's Early Years
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