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Group: Roxette
Date: October 20th, 1991
Location: Wembley Arena, London, England
Source: Ex- (FM - BBC Radio 1)

Tape>PC>wav>Flac(level 6) SBE's checked with TLH

Recorded and played back on same JVC tape player.
Recorded to pc and tracks split with EAC

This is another of my old radio recordings transfered to digital.
There is a cut and level change in The Big L, which clears up
towards the end of the song. This was part of a tape flip.

Track list:

01. DJ Intro
02. Hot blooded
03. Shes a little bit dangerous
04. Fading like a flower
05. Church of your heart
06. Sleeping single
07. Spending my time
08. Running all my life
09. Paint
10. Knockin on heavens door
11. Dance away now
12. The big L
13. It must have been love
14. Get dressed for success
15. The look
16. So excited
17. Welcome to the joyride
18. Listen to your heart
19. No escape for the broken hearted
20. DJ Outro

Total time - 1:27:56

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I, too, taped this back in the day but I realize I must have thrown my tape out in a fit of gross stupidity. I'm going to beg, grovel and bribe for a repost of this, please.

I can send you some rare audio in return, or other trading goodies, or even cold, hard cash. Thank you!

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Sure, this is a long shot, but I'd dearly love someone to reup this.

I, too, taped this off the radio back in the day. I'm pretty sure I threw my tape out a couple of years ago because I am an idiot.

To make it less of a long shot, I am willing to beg and bribe. I have tons of audio that I can offer in return and even cold, hard cash if need be...
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