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78P -Not sure if the date and show is correct for this share. but here are the titles... only show of theirs i have ever heard. cheers

My Files

01 Dressed for Success .mp3
02 Sleeping in My Car.mp3
03 The Big L. .mp3
04 Spending My Time .mp3
05 Stars.mp3
06 She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio) .mp3
07 Perfect Day.mp3
08 Things Will Never Be the Same .mp3
09 It Must Have Been Love .mp3
10 Opportunity Nox.mp3
11 7Twenty7 .mp3
12 Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave) .mp3
13 Crash! Boom! Bang! .mp3
14 How Do You Do! .mp3
15 Dangerous.mp3
16 Band Intro's ~ God Save The Queen.mp3
17 Joyride.mp3
18 Listen to Your Heart .mp3
19 The Look.mp3
20 Church of Your Heart .mp3
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