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about 10-12 years ago, i spent most of my online time in Nightliner's Trading Room at
i got to be friendly with a handful of traders there, and we started swapping other shows/bands besides
Yes in off-line trades mostly consisting of data discs via snail mail. one particular trader sent me
8 data dvds full of Roxy Music, UK, and Eddie Jobson shows they had gathered from torrent sites.
until recently, i had never backed these up on a hard drive and its a good thing that i decided to do this
recently, as the very low speed that they copied from tells me that they are starting to fall apart.

although i do like some UK and Eddie Jobson solo stuff, i really was only ever interested in the Roxy Music shows.
there are 22 different shows from 1972-1983 on these discs, and im now going to start posting them
here on guitars101 for 3 reasons-

1. this is my way of giving back for all the shows ive snagged here in the past 10 years
2. a lot of these Roxy shows, particularly the pre-1976 ones, rarely if ever show up online
3. Roxy Music is a Damn good live band, even if the source quality can be a little rough at times.

to the best of my knowledge, all folders are exactly as they were originally torrented with fingerprints and all that

ok, what follows is the original uploaders notes.

Thank You, and enjoy!!! ~Wedge

Baltimore, Painters Mill

( Audience ) ( not Vinyl or CD sourced )

Tape > CDwave > wave >Flac Frontend Level 8> Flac

Quality : 6 - 7

02.Street Life
04.Mother Of Pearl
06.Chance Meeting
07.Virginia Plain
08.A Song For Europe
09.Grey Lagoons
12.If There Is Something
13.Editions Of You
15.Do The Strand


Roxy Music - 1974-05-31 - Baltimore, MD

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