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Roxy Music "Champagne And Novocaine" LP TAKRL 1953 speed corrected

ok, ill get back to posting more Roxy Music shows in the next few days, but i wanted to get this out here now. sometime in 2007~8, i got one of the first Numark USB turntables as a gift. plug it into the back if your PC, read thru the Audacity booklet that was included, and start digitizing your record collection!!! well, the thing was, i already had (and still have) a Pioneer PDR-509 CD burner on one of my stereo systems. so i figured i'd try this USB thing out with a Roxy Music bootleg i had borrowed from a friend and see how it went. well, all i have to say is that Audacity is a complete pain in the ass and a total waste of time if you already had a component burner and could just play a record, set the levels, and hit the ID button every track while it plays. it literally took me 3 hours just to make sure i wasnt deleting stuff when i was attempting to write track IDs. a couple times i deleted half an album side trying with this specific record, and had to go back and play the record again. Ugh. and to make matters worse, this LP needs damn near +3.0 on the pitch to get it close to correct, and even that fluctuates from the source recordings from time to time.

a long story short. i pulled my hair out for hours and have Never used Audacity again, but this recording of this Incredible bootleg exists and id like to share it here.

the BBC In Concert tracks have all the "Whispering" Bob Harris DJ banter and announcements edited out, but have some of the clearest sources of these tracks ive ever heard. they arent edited out on the "Better Than Food" bootleg LP that John Wizardo made, but the source on that one sounds pretty dark and muddy compared to this.

but if thats not enough, theres the 2 tracks from an ABC-TV broadcast in late 1973 that just sound Incredible, and this recording just Never seems to exist anywhere else outside of the aforementioned "Better Than Food" LP. well, the BTF LP also includes a version of Do The Strand that is purported to be from the same show, but the quality of that source is abysmal when compared to this one here.

ok, im rambling... ill get back to posting some more Roxy in the near future. But you have this to sink your teeth into for now. file contains my flac files, FFP, and every known sleeve art i could find, and a info/track list that i edited from an online CD listing i once found that now fully corresponds to this version, and my lineage for this specific one

in case youre wondering, the LP i made this from had the yellowish slipsheet cover and had plain white labels.

i do own a pretty clean copy of "Better Than Food". once i get the receiver fixed on my system with my component burner, maybe i should post that just to have the other track from the Live In London broadcast.

heres my notes

Champagne And Novocaine

Date: 1972 and 1973

Description: various studio and live tracks

Location: BBC and London

Lineup: Roxy Music

Bryan Ferry vocals and keyboards
Eno synthesizers
Johnny Gustafson bass
Paul Thompson drums
Andrew Mackay oboe, sax
Phil Manzanera guitar
John Porter bass
Sal Maida bass
Edwin Jobson violin, synthesizer and keyboards
Rik Kenton bass

Quality: A

Format: 1 LP


BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’, 3 August 1972.
01. The Bogus Man Part 2
02. Sea Breezes
03. Virginia Plain

Official B-sides
04. The Numberer
05. Pyjamarama


‘In Concert from London’, US TV 1973. Recorded at the Rainbow Theatre, London, November 1973.
06. Editions Of You
07. A Song for Europe

BBC Radio One ‘In Concert’, 3 August 1972.
08. Chance Meeting
09. Re-Make/Re-Model

Comments: TAKRL 1953 speed corrected

2006~07: orig TAKRL LP> Numark TT-USB turntable & generic Shure stylus & cart with pitch adjustment by ear> PC> Audacity> WAV
2018~19: orig WAV files> FLAC via Traders Little Helper

Wedge Guilala 1 December 2020



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Wow amazing! I really really appreciated, and did not take the proper time to thank you! more Roxy would be awesome, or some Ferry too, I am still searching for some rare things, there are little gems in your post, and thanks for thr corrected speed too.... Great job! Keep them coming if you can, please! :love:
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