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Hey everyone,

My name is Scott, i started Rubicon Reproductions for Journey and Asia bootlegs. Our website is going down due to geocities closing the doors etc. I have created a FORUM instead of a website , cause Forums are easier to edit and maintain etc. Rubicon specializes in Journey bootlegs, found much of what you hear out there, upgrades, new shows etc. Big network of tapers etc.

I need help. I need help posting the Live CDR database i have on our website. I'm looking for a couple moderators and a ton of members to help this site flourish. This site is NOT meant to compete with ArriveAlive i want to make that clear. However , this site is going to consist of both LOSSY and LOSSLESS bootlegs both Rubicon reproductions and not. Also going to consist of all of Rubicon Reproductions artwork.

This forum will require membership in order to look at it, however i am not going to limit memberships, i want the bootlegs to flourish and be spread :)

Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested, realize i will only take a couple moderators and people who have stuff to contribute. I can't have 200+ moderators ! lol WE want to have all the Journey shows possible in one area for everyone to see. This site will not be a discussion forum for the band, only bootlegs. There are plenty of other Journey forums to joint that are great communities.

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