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Running With The Devil

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I like the tone of this. I haven't practiced the solo I did my own. What do you guys think? I did mess up in a couple of places but, it's good enough to let ya listen.....
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Great freakin tone man! :jam:
Ok. I don't know what happened in the conversion from wav to mp3 but the levels are way off. Or something, I don't know............
The levels may be off but the tone in the opening bit is huge....what you using?
I have a Digitech GNX4. It can do everything and more. I love the sounds I can get out of it.
Fat sound, hope you can fix the levels, sounds like good playing :jam:
i agree with the others about the levels....but some great playing and tone
I'll re-record this one and post it.
ya those gnx series stuff sure are good for getting down the tone for covers ,, cool man ,,
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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