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Tucson Convention Center Arena,
Tucson, Arizona, USA
November 20, 1978

Source: Every Soul a Battlefield, Soundboard

01 Introduction 1:02
02 Anthem 4:14
03 A Passage to Bangkok 4:13
04 By-Tor and the Snow Dog 5:30
05 Xanadu 13:56
06 Something for Nothing 4:21
07 The Trees 4:54
08 Cygnus X-1 10:38
09 Hemispheres 19:24
10 Closer to the Heart 3:33
Total Time: 71:45 (1:11:45)

01 Circumstances 4:27
02 A Farewell to Kings 5:46
03 La Villa Strangiato 10:04
04 2112 19:03
05 Working Man 3:18
06 Bastille Day 1:43
07 In the Mood 2:41
08 Drum Solo 5:14
Total Time: 52:16

Remaster (PRRP Guy)
1. Confirm speed correct
2. Confirm phase correct
3. Adjust tonality/EQ
4. Repair missing section of Hemispheres
5. Repair dropouts, clicks and pops
6. Adjust dry soundboard sound character
7. Adjust dynamics and correct suppressions
8. Track

This is a classic recording of the entire (and I mean entire) show. So complete that it even starts out with the "intermission" music played over the PA that night before the show started! Much has been written about the portion with Geddy pleading with the crowd to move back from the stage, so I won't comment on that...although I do think it's funny that he says if the stage does collapse, "it's gonna be a big bummer". Some of the other interesting things I find with this recording include Alex tuning his guitar, himself, onstage, after the first song. (What, no roadie that night Al?) I also like Neil's german count-in to By-Tor: "EIN! ZWEI!" Overall a great recording. Nice and balanced with good instrument separation. Ged's vocals are great and the crew were putting some lovely effects on his voice that night. This is a must for every collection. It's great to hear Circumstances live...I wish they'd play that one more often.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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