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Group: Rush
Title: Feel the Circuits Blowing
Date: September 15, 2007
Venue: Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec
Time: d1 - 66:55 d2 - 63:28 d3 - 34:49
Catalog: Duley Digital - DD-R070915-A
SOurce: Audience Master
Equipment: CA-B-99 SP Binaurals -> CA-ST-20A PREAMP ->
Sony MZ-RH10 (Hi-MD SP mode)
Transfer: Sony MZ-RH10 ->USB ->PC ->SonicStage ->Conversion to wav
Software: CoolEdit Pro for EQ and amplitude. CDWave for track splits
Taper: Duley
Location: Section 113

Out of respect for the time and effort I put into
recording and mastering this recording, I would ask
that it not be distributed in the inferior MP3
format. Do what you will for your own use, but
don't post or share MP3 conversions of this show.
Thanks for your consideration.


Disc 1 (Set I) [66:55]
01. Set I Intro
02. Limelight
03. Digital Man
04. Entre Nous
05. Mission
06. Freewill
07. The Main Monkey Business
08. The Larger Bowl
09. Secret Touch
10. Circumstances
11. Between The Wheels
12. Dreamline

Disc 2 (Set II) [63:28]
01. Set II Intro
02. Far Cry
03. Workin' Them Angels
04. Armor And Sword
05. Spindrift
06. The Way The Wind Blows
07. Subdivisions
08. Natural Science
09. Witch Hunt
10. Malignant Narcissism
11. Drum Solo

Disc 3 (Set II Con't) [34:49]
01. Hope
02. Summertime Blues
03. The Spirit Of Radio
04. Tom Sawyer
05. One Little Victory
06. A Passage to Bangkok
07. YYZ
08. Outro

Release notes:
I felt the sound for this show was much worse than it had been in Quebec City the night before. I like loud music, with a good low end, but in this venue, the bass was being pushed much too hard. The low end sounded very distrorted, as if it were being pushed past the ability of the amps to handle the sound. Much more bass, and the circuits might have blown ;) Thus the title of the release.

Luckily, my recording came out much more clearly than I anticipated, based on the sound in the venue that night. I did have to apply some EQ to the low end to reduce how overpowering it was. I applied no EQ to the mid or high frequencies. The recording isn't as clear as some others from this tour, with a bit of echo from the venue being most noticable in Geddy's vocals. However, overall, I'd say its a very listenable recording.

This show was recording on a Hi-MD recorder, in Hi-MD SP mode. This mindisc recorder has the ability to record in wav format (which is what I did in Quebec City) However, you can only record 94 minutes onto a single disc in wav format, and the second set plus the encore is just a bit longer than that. Due to the way the TOC is written to a disc when you stop recording, and the amount of time it takes to do so, switching discs between the end of the second set, and start of the encore is tricky. I decided not to risk missing some music, and chose to record in
Hi-MD SP instead, which allows you to record several hours to a single disc.

The audience was very enthusiastic in Montreal. At times, you can hear a couple clappers and a singer near to me, but they are fairly well behaved most of the time.

Overall, I was pleased with how the recording turned out, and it serves as a nice souvenir of this excellent performance by the band. The band was on fire this night, and seemed especially eager to put on a good show for the
fans. They definately accomplished that. I hope a few others will get some enjoyment from this recording.

Duley - September 2007

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