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Jeff McDonald
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Haven't listened to this BT yet, but I hope you omitted Neal's rap in the middle. I'd like to brush up on my rapping skills.

"Ghost of a Chance" is the other favorite of mine from this album (if you are looking for more to do from this time period).

These are true gems, Khaos. Couldn't find BTs for these tunes if I scoured the whole internet looking for them. Thanks.

Jeff McDonald
3,684 Posts
Yeah, so check me out homeboy.....

Jack -- relax.
Get busy with the facts.
No zodiacs or almanacs,
No maniacs in polyester slacks.
Just the facts.
Gonna kick some gluteus max.
It's a parallax -- you dig?
You move around
The small gets big. It's a rig
It's action -- reaction
Random interaction.
So who's afraid
Of a little abstraction?
Can't get no satisfaction
From the facts?
You better run, homeboy
A fact's a fact
From Nome to Rome, boy.

What's the deal? Spin the wheel.
If the dice are hot -- take a shot.
Play your cards. Show us what you got
What you're holding.
If the cards are cold,
Don't go folding.
Lady Luck is golden;
She favours the bold. That's cold
Stop throwing stones
The night has a thousand saxophones. So get out there and rock,
And roll the bones.
Get busy!
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