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Roxy Theatre, Northampton, PA;
March 11, 1975

Soundboard > original EQd flacs > 16 bit wav > pitch and speed correction with Magix Music Studio (sidewindersf) > retracked > SBEs fixed with TLH > flac 8

01 Intro > Finding My Way 5:55

02 Best I Can 3:44

03 What You're Doing 5:07

04 Anthem 4:38

05 By-Tor And The Snow Dog 10:16

06 Bad Boy 10:07

07 Working Man > Drum Solo 14:34

08 In The Mood 3:20

09 Need Some Love 3:49

T.R.T. 61:34

Thanks to MJK2112 for the debut lossless upload of this show.


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The date is wrong on this one; it should be 10 March 1975.
On 11 March 1975, Rush performed in Newark, Delaware.

Rush Concert Setlist at Roxy Theatre, Northampton on March 10, 1975 |

Rush Concert Setlist at Stone Balloon, Newark on March 11, 1975 |
WRONG!! Don't listen to this person. The correct date is March 11th. I WAS THERE. The band were to perform on the 10th but their van broke down with their equipment. Show was delayed until the next day. Listen to what Geddy says before the one song (I forget which one?) He says " Sorry about yesterday, a lot of people were against us". He was referring to the show being postponed the day before.. You can't always go by setlistfm dates they have proven to be inaccurate at times. As I stated at the beginning. I was at this show. So I KNOW!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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