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Rush -
Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA;
April 29, 1994

A Night At The Spectrum

Media: 2 CD
Time: D1 (62:53), D2 (59:51)
Catalog: Watch Tower (WT 2002081/82)
Source: SB
Quality: EX+

Track Listing

Intro 2:02
Dreamline 5:05
The Spirit of Radio 4:57
The Analog Kid 6:25
Cold Fire 4:31
Time Stand Still 5:57
Nobody's Hero 5:07
Roll The Bones 6:07
Animate 7:48
Stick It Out 5:14
Double Agent 4:54
Limelight 4:46

Bravado 6:34
Mystic Rhythms 5:57
Closer To The Heart 5:50
Show Don't Tell 5:28
Leave That Thing Alone 6:06
The Rhythm Method 7:53
The Trees 5:19
Xanadu 6:59
Hemispheres: Prelude 4:18
Tom Sawyer 5:28


and Reviews:


A very nice sounding SBD from the first night of the Philly shows. This show surfaced in mid '02 when released by Watch Tower, a relative newcomer to the bootleg world. They've been releasing some great Led Zeppelin shows and looks like they did a great job with this release and Echoes On The Stages (T4E rehearsal). The sound is very clear with nice stereo separation and a typical SBD mix. Personally, it's just tad bright for my taste, but who's complaining. Packaging on this boot is nice with a slipcover for the jewel case. WT goes for simplicity on their packaging and works well. There are few instances where the levels fluctuate very slightly on disc 2, otherwise it's almost perfect. I still prefer the mix of "Nuts & Bolts" (Madison '94) SBD over this one and it's the full show. This source is missing the encore.
For trading purposes SHN files were created.
SHN lineage: Watch Tower silver CD > CDR > EAC > CDWav > SHN (mkW).
This show is originally available on silver pressed CDs and will fit onto (2CDr SHN). Many mucho mucho thanks to Tito C. for providing the discs and high resolution scans of the artworks. PLEASE TRADE FREELY. (JUNE '02)

NOTE: Audio discs derived from the SHN discs will not have the same track times as above since the discs were indexed at different points. The track times above were taken from the copy of Watch Tower's Silver Discs.

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