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Sam Bush Band
The Acoustic Cafe
Somewhere outside Haleyville, AL
May 28, 2010

Sam Bush-mandolin, fiddle, vocals
Stephen Mougin-guitar, vocals
Scott Vestal-banjo
Todd Parks-bass

Disc 1
01. Uncle Penn
02. Puppies-N-Knapsacks
03. Eight More Miles to Louisville
04. Riding That Bluegrass Train
05. On the Road
06. Whisper My Name
07. Circles Around Me
08. Out On the Ocean
09. Gold Heart Locket
10. Ballad of Stringbean and Estelle
11. Blue Mountain
12. River Take Me

Disc 2
01. Howlin' At The Moon
02. Big Rabbit
03. Souvenir Bottles
04. Bringin' In The Georgia Mail

05. One Love*
06. Up On Cripple Creek*

* with Dread Clampitt

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huge bluegrass fan, but i have got a TON of sam bush (and tony rice for that matter) but i'm always up for new ones, especially upgrades - big problem is, i have like NO cataloging system and i keep doubling up what i have - any idea of this was heavily circulated before you found it?
better question might be the blog you got it from - the wonderful midnight cafe (and then AZ jones) always was big one all types of bluegrass...and i also got a ton from a couple of phish forums...if this is from those, i prob already have it in some form.

i might still DL it anyway - thanks!
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