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****Recorded by BobS and posted by bubba420 on :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r484 ****

Sammy and The Wabos with friends
Tahoe Wabo
Lake Tahoe Nevada

Source: AUD (BobS)

Acoustic set:
Connection (with Ronnie Montrose)
Right Now
Can’t You See (with Toby Keith and Johnny Hiland)
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (with Bob Weir)
The Weight (with Bob Weir)
No Excuses (with Jerry Cantrell)
Finish What You Started

Electric set:
Marching To Mars
Stand Up
Sympathy For The Human
Shaka Doobie
Top Of The World
Best Of Both Worlds
Star Spangled Banner (with Ted Nugent)
Klstrphnky (with Ted Nugent)
Route 66 (with Ted Nugent)
High And Dry
Halfway To Memphis (with Aaron Hagar)
Man In The Box (with Jerry Cantrell and Billy Duffy)
Wild Thing (with Jerry Cantrell and Billy Duffy)
Mas Tequila
Bad Motor Scooter (with Ronnie Montrose)

First the technicals:
Recording gear: DSM6-EX>M1 DAT with Sonic Studios pre amp mod at 48/24
Transfer deck: Sony PCM-7040 out 48/24
Processing gear: Audition, Ozone 9 advanced
Exported at 44.1

This is the opening weekend of The Tahoe Wabo cantina. This is last night (Sunday) I had gone to all three nights for the first three years. After that, it was becoming a lot like the birthday bash, too crowded, too crazy and too many jerks. Back at that time I did have some inside connections and recorded from the same spot for all 9 shows, there was an alcove along the main walkway that was elevated above the main floor dead center of the room.
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