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Im going to pennsilvania so claim your parts and send them to me and ill post it sunday night
- slot 1
0 to 1.15-
1.15 to 2.50-
2.50 to 3.47- me
3.47 to end-

I'll take 3:47 - end
I haven't even heard it yet, but that's fine. I'll see what I can whip up tomorrow real quick and send it to you

hmm, I thought I was gonna do the first part?
if u read up theres my post saying "ill take the beggining if its fine~
thanks "
well.. thats fine, u can go ahead and do the jam scott
I guess ill just wait for the next one
and im sure ull do better than me

I never said i wasnt gonna do it
I think u got confuzed when i asked u for a blues bt.
i asked u the blues bt just to jam at the moment ( not recording, just for fun ) and then u said " jam on the smooth bt" and i said NO. but i meant , no i dont wanna jam over it rite now. I never said i wasnt gonna play the part.
But yeah, and I did aim u today about it, because i finished recording, and u didnt answer.
its ok tho, i guess ill just play next time
1 - 20 of 27 Posts