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Here is a fun one that is not quite done...but certainly ok to post. The ending solo'd are off the cuff but the first 3/4 of the song is pretty much what satch did or close enough...(for me that is....;-))

I hope you like it...Please let me know what you think of the songs.
I appreciate any feedback or criticism.

Summer Song

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Hi have the sound down but I would have added a bit of delay to make it more 'spacier'. Also the main guitar could be a little higher in the mix for me. Certainly has that Satch vibe and the playing is great in the most...pinch harmonics and bends are good. Goes out of scale round about 2:07 but for the most I think you did good. Post more mate.


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Really great job on this. Production and tone were excellent and performance was pretty true to the original (with a few minor exceptions where you did your own thing). Overall this is quite an accomplishment. Axeshredder is perhaps our most faithful Satriani disciple (as far as working towards replicating Joe's stuff). You two might exchange notes.
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