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Anyone up for some Savatage? Here is a (almost) complete list of my Savatage bootleg collection. Someone pick one and I'll post for ya:)

Birch Hill (Live 4-20-2001) 2 Disc
Chicago Live (12-15-91)
Cincinnati Kids (Live 11-16-91) 2 Disc
Detroit Grins Again (Live 6-10-98) 2 Disc
Gutter Ballet Demos
Harpo's - Detroit 6-14-85
Holding Back The Storm (Live) 2 Disc
Interview - Chris Caffery
Interview - Chris Caffery (2)
Interview - Group Interview
Interview - Jon Oliva (11-3-00)
Interview - Jon Oliva And Chris Caffery
Interview - Paul O'Neil
Interview - Paul O'Neil (2)
Interview - TSO (4-25-00)
Live - Ludwigsburg 1996
Live (Old Bridge, NJ 5-17-96) 2 Disc
Live In Budapest (2 Disc)
Live In London 1-7-86
Live In Neu Isenburg
Live In Offenbach
Live In Port Jefferson (9-19-98)
Live In Tilburg (13-11-98)
Live In Vienna
Made In Heaven (Live) (2 Disc)
MDA Benefit (Live)
Mentally Yours
She's In Love (Live Bootleg)
To All The Twisted (Live 09-21-01) 2 Disc
Wacken Open Air Live

AND - For those who want to hear some real rare and pre-Savatage material, here is one for ya;

Avatar Live And Rare! (1981)

So - go ahead and pick one :)

LONG LIVE CRISS OLIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ANYTHING with Criss and John....

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Trying to choose one is like trying to choose your favourite parent. I'd say all of them but barring that anything from around "Streets".

Thanks for any!!!:thumb:
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