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Here it is. The Full 2 Hour Glorious 1973 Concert From Chicago USA. The Biggest And Brightest SOUL Stars United For A Cause.

An Amazing Piece of American History.

VCR Sourced

Performers in Order of Appearance

Marvin Gaye
The Staple Singers
The Temptations
The Chi lites
THe Main Ingerdient
The O Jays
Isaac Hayes
The Cannonball Adderly Quartet
Albertina Walker
THe Push Mass Choir
Loretta Oliver
Rev. James Cleveland
Bill Withers
Curtis Mayfield
Sammy Davis Jr.
Roberta Flac
Quincy Jones
Gladys Knoght & The Pips
Jerry Butler
Brenda Lee Eager
Ramsey Lewis
Nancy Wilson
The Jackson 5
Jackie Verdell

Here is a piece of an interview Given By Director Stan Latham.
Stan Lathan, who was already a veteran of directing multiple camera variety shows on network television in the early '70s, approached his landmark concert film, Save the Children, with the precision of a military campaign.

"Operation Push, which was a Jesse Jackson organization, was giving a huge exposition in Chicago in 1972 to encourage black-owned businesses," Lathan recalled. "It was always planned to have this gathering of black talent, and myself and a few other people including Quincy Jones and Matt Robbins, got together about six months before and came up with the idea of doing this film to help support the Black Expo. We raised $750,000 from the Ford Foundation as a grant and put it together."

At the time of Save the Children, Lathan was a director on Sesame Street and had done both dance and music specials for PBS, as well as multi-camera musical variety shows. "The big challenge for me was that we were shooting on film," Lathan noted, "and we were in this massive convention center with terrible acoustics. We used eight cameras, all shooting 16mm film, and I devised an elaborate com*munications setup with each camera. I took a bird's-eye position and directed as if it were a live TV show. The difference, of course, is that I had no video feed, so I tried to keep the coverage varied from camera-to-camera, and keep track of who was shooting what."

Lathan said that despite the technical challenges involved, shooting in the days before video assist, his team had the advantage of shooting for three days straight.

"We shot 28 groups," Lathan explained. "Everybody from Marvin Gaye to Gladys Knight and the Pips, to the Jackson 5, to the Rev. James Cleveland and a 100-boy choir. We spent a lot of time before the event with a chalkboard discussing camera coverage the way you'd talk about defenses for a football game. We knew which groups were going to be moving around a lot — Gladys Knight and the Pips were known for their dancing for example — so the key was to make sure each camera had assignments beforehand. What happens if you don't give assignments in a multiple camera concert shoot is that five cameras will shoot the same guy because he's the most interesting one on the stage at the time."

"Most of the cameramen I used for Save the Children were documentary filmmakers who were comfortable with just roving around and getting the stories beyond the music," he recalled. "I remember going to see Gimme Shelter and recognizing the advantage those filmmakers had because they essentially lived with the Rolling Stones and could come back with very personal stories. If there's anything that would distinguish a musical documentary it's the relationship between the audience and the artist and what's really going on inside the artist's head. With things like MTV, MP3, DVD, etc., we can already deliver musical recordings at a very high level. So, today's documentary filmmaker should bridge the gap between the artist's life and the music. I think you have to do that to stand apart."


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I don't like exe file. Can you upload a simple zip VTS folder structure
Simply uncheck the "Download with FileFactory's download manager" option before "click here to begin your dl"
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