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Hi Guys! I finally had some cranking time so I recorded a take on this. I used the Fuchs ODS30 cathode biased amp and a 1X12 EVM12L ported cab. 1 SM57 and 1 Sennheiser E609 silver. I added some reverb and delay afterwards. Recorded dry. No pedals. All amp tone.

My Baker RF is slung with 11s and is not a good legato axe at all! This was a beast to do since a nice low action axe would have suited the style more.

I tried to keep the solo more in my style since I can't play in Holdsworth style.

Hope you like!!

Backing is here

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That is some increadable playing Scott! It may not have that Holdworth Vibrato, but it sure has the feel...your timing, phrasing and feel are perfect. Now I will sell my stuff and buy a Kazoo...Big Ups to you!!
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