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Scott Henderson-LIVE

Absolutely killing! Best Guitar C.D. in a decade.....he will be doing a guest solo n my next C.D. (confirmed)

Holst-the PLANETS

God I love this piece of has inspired so many of our contemporary soundtrack composers....particularly John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner.

Nine Inch Nails-WITH TEETH

A big fan of Trent's textures and loops, guitar sounds and production concepts. Revolutionary artist.

Lincoln Brewster-AGAIN I SAY

New C.D. from the best guitarist in Christian music since Keaggy.

John Scofield-EN ROUTE

An unbelievable live C.D. The interplay between him and the rhythm section is transcendant. Bill Stewart steals the show behind the drums. (got to see this trio live just a few months ago)

Coldplay-X and Y

Sorry, I love Coldplay. Killer vibey, textured guitar and a very interesting spin on the U2 vibe.


The best guitarist in the world right now. Period. Also doing a guest solo on my next C.D. (confirmed)

(more info on my next C.D. Convergence)



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Stiglar said:
Awesome !

i can't believe scott henderson is guesting thats really something ! i think i have the same live cd your talking about , just unbelievable playing on there , just a killer guitarist . I have a couple of recordings from a workshop he did in spain playing over some standards like Mr PC .. and it is just mind blowing even though it's just him and a bass player it has the intensity of a whole band !
I have that live Mr PC....! It's just sick!!!

I also have a few live Tribal Tech from Australia with Virgil Donati....freaking crazy....!!!

Yeah man, its a true honor to have Scott playing on the disc...

Here's the total lineup for the 2006 release on Progressive Arts:

Virgil Donati (drums):from Planet X, Vai, Soul Sirkus

Rufus Philpot (bass):from Planet X

Steve Weingart (keys):from Dave Weckl Band, Ring of Fire (with Virgil), Steve Lukather

Special guest bassists:
Gerald Veasley (Zawinul)
Gary Willis (Tribal Tech, Holdsworth)
Keith Horne (Trisha Yearwood, Lone Star and his own fusion band Secrets)

With special guest solos from guitarists Scott Lerner, Chris Poland (OHM Megadeth), Scott Henderson (Tribal Tech), Guthrie Govan (Asia), Ron Thal (aka Bumblefoot), Joel Hoekstra, Greg Howe, Raphael Moreira (Pink, Christina) and will be produced by 3 time Grammy winner: Anton Pukshansky (Santana)

All of the above are confirmed.


Now, don't think for a second that I am bragging....far from it, I'm scared to death!!! I just hope I don't screw it up! :doh:


Thanks for your time in checking out the stuff....


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