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Seldom Scene
Santa Monica, CA

John Duffey: Mandolin
Lou Reid: Guitar
Mike Auldridge: Dobro
Ben Eldridge: Banjo
T. Michael Coleman: Bass

01 Intro
02 Only A Hobo
03 Graveyard Sound
04 Stage Banter
05 Big train From Memphis
06 Stage Banter
07 Long Black Veil
08 Stage Banter
09 Pond Scum
10 Band Intros
11 Pick A Man Who Picks Bass
12 Stage Banter
13 Muddy Water
14 Tuning
15 Bringing Mary Home
16 Tuning
17 Nine Pound Hammer
18 More Stage Banter
19 After Midnight
20 Ready To Go Home
21 Wait A Minute

Total time 79:13

Download link

I thought since this is one I had not seen anywhere else and appears to be an Arizona Jones exclusive, it would be good to post it. I ripped this from a second generation soundboard tape I have had of the show since around 1990. It has been listened to a lot so there has been some wear to the tape over time. But I think it still sounds pretty good. It is a real nice show with some great banter and the band appears to be having a lot of fun in this small club. So for the bluegrass fans here is a special gift from Arizona Jones.
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