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WHOA! this was killer!! you guys rock!

SUGGESTED (sgstd) Your tone was absolutley killer! i don't know where you pull some of those licks from but fuck they were crisp man. you should be proud! and those harmonies are sick!

Phil- my goodness.... Vai is that you? don't know what the hell that sound fx is at the start but hey! that lick at 1:08 - 1:11 is fucking nuts! you gotta teach me that

Rilecome - thats a nice tone you got there. loved the real bluesy liks in there you got some nice feel there i was molto impressed. real feel in there loved it!

Stig - This is whats its all about, you fucking blew me away with those jazz licks and those shred jazz runs. and the sound is fine except for the low register but still fuck! you knocked me outta my seat. smoking mate im impressed.

Kane - once again we got another tone man, that is real good, loved the intro on this one it was a big build up which i liked and i liked the lick at the end, very nice.

VHfan as normal you legendary mixer youve done it again, we should call you Bob Rock!

all round a sick jam, i hope i can play in a jam with all of you in the future i would be honoured! well done you should all be proud!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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