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Shadowcast (US)

pre-album mixes/demos

1-Black Trinity
2-Deception Game
5-Private Reality

This is one of my bands, look for an official release next year!!!
Songs 1-3 are from our upcoming album, they are simply unmastered. Song 4 is from the same sessions, not mixed or fixed yet, while 5 is a song that appeared on a local album project and recieved much airplay here in Ohio.
Some of you found me at multiple music sites after the tyladog argument and requested these. Sorry it took me awhile, but I had to make sure the label would not be offended/pissed about the demos appearing here. There has been multiple requests for the Wrathskeller demos as well, but I will wait on those. Look for the Rat Bastard albums-"Devil May Care","You Dirty Rat',"Mugsy Croftshire" (another 1 of my bands) everywhere music is sold. (shameless self promotion!)

Support Local Music!!!
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