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Shania Twain-From this Moment(MattM w/little sister singing!)

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i got my youngest sister erin to record her vox on this.:D this is her first time recording anything period. she doesnt sing a whole lot, only once in a while for fun. we worked on this today and i thought she did really great. :rock: :thumb: i also made the backer and did all the guitars.

my younger sister's wedding is coming up in the next few weeks so i have been working on some music for it. erin will be singing this one at the wedding. this is one of the songs we are gonna do, along with a set of other acoustic instrumentals i will be doing.

link to the song....

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Excellent stuff, Matt, congratulations to you and your sis! I was trying to guess how old she was from her voice, she doesn't sound like a little kid, yet she doesn't sound all that old either if that makes sense. Tell her she did great for her first recording. I'm going to try and get my daughter doing some duets with me. :rock:
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