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Shooter Jennings
Wildflower Arts & Music Festival
Methodist Richardson Amphitheater Stage
Galatyn Park,Richardson, TX, USA

Lineage: Zoom H2 > 24/48 wav > Audacity > TLH > 16/44 Flac

Set List

01 Electric Rodeo
02 Steady At The Wheel
03 Don't Feed The Animals
04 Triskaidekaphobia
05 The Real Me
06 Outlaw You
07 Last Time I let You Down

The Wildflower Festival is a 3 day Arts & Music festival put on annually by the City of Richardson. This was the 25th Anniversary of the festival. Shooter Jennings was the closing band for the festival. There are some sound issues within the recording that I believe comes from the soundboard person or feedback from the band. This is an incomplete recording. It is my master and all I did was track it.


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