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should i sell my carvin amp?

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its 100 watts tube half stack. i kinda got it as an impulse buy since it was $600. its too loud for me, cant really get anything good unless you crank it.

i was thinking of getting a hot rod deluxe instead.

good idea? i would also get a tube screamer from robert keeley for crunch on the hot rod deluxe.
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i dont realy like the hot rod ... why would you sell the halfstack, just change the resistance in the power amp section
I have Hot Rod Deluxe and if being too loud is a drawback to you, beware. The HRD is VERY loud. The 40 watt rating is deceiving.
What model is your amp?
i have a MTS3200 its a halfstack
dont know much about the carvin . but i know the hotrod is loud, and you will have to change out the china grove tubes immediatly to tame it.the hotrod is a exellent amp i use it for recording and gigging very portable.
The MTS3200 is a very loud amp as well. Does it have the stock tubes in it? What kind of music do you play? Check out for some info on new tubes for the sound you want from your MTS. It will get just about any sound you could ask for as a stock amp, but put some better tubes in it and it is truely a killer.:rock:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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