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Sid Vicious
live at
Max's Kansas City
New York City, New York USA
September 07, 1978
early show
copy of a vinyl bootleg release
"Sid Vicious Live"

29:09 minutes


Side A
101 intro 1:26
102 Search and Destroy [Iggy Pop] 2:01
103 Now I Wanna Be Your Dog [Iggy Pop] 2:32
104 stage announcement 0:44
105 No Lip [Dave Berry] 3:03
106 Something Else [Eddie Cochrane] 1:47
107 intro 0:52
108 Belsen Was a Gas [Jones-Cook-Rotten-Vicious]] 2:27

Side B
109 (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone [Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart] 3:16
110 Chinese Rock [Richard Hell and Dee Dee Ramone] 2:55
111 My Way [Paul Anka, Claude Francois and Jaques Revaux] 3:03
112 encore break 1:50
113 Take a Chance With Me [Walter Lure and Jerry Nolan] 3:06

puported lineup:
John Simon Ritchie: Sid Vicious
Mick Jones [The Clash]: guitar
Steve Dior [The Idols]: guitar
Arthur "Killer" Kane [New York Dolls]: bass
Jerry Nolan [New York Dolls]: drums


This is described as the first commercial Sid Vicious bootleg
and also the first of the series of shows at Max's Kansas City.

bootleg vinyl LP>PC>stereo 16-bit 44.1 kbps WAV>
tracked and edited in audio editor>WAVs>
SBEs repaired, checksum files and FLAC-8 files created in Trader's Little Helper

A Zootype project March 2014
101-Sid Vicious-Maxs Kansas City NYC-Sept07-1978-tuning.flac:bda940947917ea7de08ee4f8ae4eb03d
102-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Search and Destroy.flac:7d6b1736fc79438f55c55ebde06d830f
103-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Now I Wanna Be Your Dog.flac:7618fc6d75294003e4e35d8be08e1294
104-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-stfu.flac:7a5859d954a9acd0a0579b13a2d88ba2
105-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-No Lip.flac:f6de6499f307a1314dc928b26a2a9cd6
106-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Something Else.flac:596e02aaf664d61ed067f41e8ca69975
107-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-intro.flac:7e3ff88f32c5145a446de7f9d9e3c0ae
108-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Belsen Was a Gas.flac:b01526e966ee1156603a141adabfaad0
109-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Stepping Stone.flac:2a45222030eee30574a315a4147671e0
110-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Chinese Rock.flac:77392c7356e1c6792f8cc0a4866144c4
111-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-My Way.flac:b8621237051190c1237922b41c632459
112-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-encore break.flac:b44c9e4388b9d711d5988f159da3b889
113-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Take a Chance With Me.flac:fd361a330d633e7f34280d7900ac04ae
bda940947917ea7de08ee4f8ae4eb03d [shntool] 101-Sid Vicious-Maxs Kansas City NYC-Sept07-1978-tuning.flac
7d6b1736fc79438f55c55ebde06d830f [shntool] 102-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Search and Destroy.flac
7618fc6d75294003e4e35d8be08e1294 [shntool] 103-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Now I Wanna Be Your Dog.flac
7a5859d954a9acd0a0579b13a2d88ba2 [shntool] 104-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-stfu.flac
f6de6499f307a1314dc928b26a2a9cd6 [shntool] 105-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-No Lip.flac
596e02aaf664d61ed067f41e8ca69975 [shntool] 106-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Something Else.flac
7e3ff88f32c5145a446de7f9d9e3c0ae [shntool] 107-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-intro.flac
b01526e966ee1156603a141adabfaad0 [shntool] 108-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Belsen Was a Gas.flac
2a45222030eee30574a315a4147671e0 [shntool] 109-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Stepping Stone.flac
77392c7356e1c6792f8cc0a4866144c4 [shntool] 110-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Chinese Rock.flac
b8621237051190c1237922b41c632459 [shntool] 111-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-My Way.flac
b44c9e4388b9d711d5988f159da3b889 [shntool] 112-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-encore break.flac
fd361a330d633e7f34280d7900ac04ae [shntool] 113-Sid Vicious-NYC-Sept07-1978-Take a Chance With Me.flac
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