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Hello Guitar 101'ers, Thought I'd throw this out there before i try to desperately try keeping focused on overly explained tutorials. I have an older iRig plenty of space. But also I have a decent windows laptop that could be used? A friend of mine... well He passed away from suddenly getting cancer after moving back to west coast so we could finish what we had started ten years earlier, Used a simple software that produced really clear recordings... It was called someone like record, or recording ease, he was less tech savvy than me so it had to be basic (I'm utterly unaware of windows software) switching it over to Linux eventually. I just need to record one or two guitar tracks and perhaps a simple beat or a few vocal ideas so I can begin writng with a vocalist, sending tracks back and forth. I'm in one part of the state he's in another. I know that my windows software description is pretty lame but I can't exactly ask him the name. so any ideas, suggestions etc. would be greatly appreciated. this project is a gathering of songs we and some songs he had written for a duo he had in Virginia. The aim is to release an EP or LP using as much of his actual recordings some w/ vocals some with out and sell it through CD Baby with any proceeds going to a collage fund for the light of of his life :angel: his Daughter... Thanks in advance to anyone that might know what the software is or any tips you have.
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