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Yup, that's right, this was to be the last show John McGeoch performed as a Banshee. I posted the previous night's show a couple of days ago, here's the link incase you missed it

We can all thank G101 member PodPunk63 for this one. He saw my appeal for the 2nd night and immediately dropped it into my mailbox... can't thank you enough mate, this show is a bit of a landmark in Banshees' circles.

On October 29, the Banshees flew to Spain for two shows at Madrid’s Rock Ola Club. John McGeoch arrived in a shocking state of disrepair. Recalls Severin: “At the first gig, we started playing ‘Arabian Knights’ and he started playing ‘Spellbound’ – that’s the funny side of it. But it wasn’t funny. He was in a bad way. When Nils left, John and I had spent a lot of time trying to get to grips with the finances. It was really stressful. I think John had some kind of nervous breakdown.”
“It became obvious that he didn’t know where he was,” says Budgie. “I thought he’d just gone too far that night, but much later he admitted that he’d been given a Valium to calm his nerves, ’cos he was shaking either from withdrawal or too much drinking. If we’d been noticing this we might have said the show can’t go on. But we weren’t.”
On the band’s return to England, McGeoch was sectioned and sent to The Priory. After the Severin and Woods visit, the decision to sack McGeoch was made instinctively and instantly. There wasn’t even a band meeting. “It sounds very callous,” Sioux acknowledges. “I wish it hadn’t happened. But alcoholism is not something that gets fixed overnight, or even in a year. It takes a lifetime. Maybe even then it never truly happens.’ [copied]

Siouxsie and the Banshees
Rock Ola
Madrid SPN
30th October 1982

SATB-1982,30Oct-madrid,rock ola

she's a carnival
arabian knights
green fingers
red over white
sin in my heart
painted bird
voodoo dolly
eve white/eve black
happy house

*** I don't know if this was a deliberate dig at McGeoch, but the main lyric is 'one for the road'... a definite 'drinkers' reference.
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