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1. Intro
2. Cafe Deluxe
3. Dagger in The Night
4. Holiday
5. Devils Bride
6. Can't Dry Up
7. Dead Giveaway
8. True Love
9. Child Of Fortune
10. Street Fighter
11. Who Do You Love
12. True Love
13. Outro

Here is a real gem. Alias Live!!!!!! I just got my hands on this and let me tell ya it kicks ass!!! Thank God for the internet. I'm not sure who all is in the band. I know that the three key members are. I don't belive that anyone from Skynyrd is with them as they talk about the formation of the Rossington Collins Band. Intro is by Robert Nix from Atlanta Rhythm Section.
This one is RARE!!!





AOR act with an illustrious pedigree. Former RUNNING EASY guitarist Barry Lee Harwood had joined ex LYNYRD SKYNYRD guitarists Allen Collins and Gary Rossington in their ROSSINGTON COLLINS band and subsequently the ALLEN COLLINS BAND. The ALLEN COLLINS BAND was fronted by former MOODY BROTHERS singer Jimmy Daugherty.

The rhythm section comes courtesy of LYNYRD SKYNYRD's Leon Wilkeson on bass, keyboard player Bill Powell and Artimus Pyle on drums.

The late 90's found Daugherty fronting the RANDALL HALL BAND led by his ex RUNNING EASY colleagues and LYNYRD SKYNYRD refugees guitarist Randall Hall and bassist Tim Lindsey.

The first two Skynyrd men to re-emerge were Billy and Artimus. Billy played as guest pianist on 38 Special's 1978 album "Special Delivery". Billy and Artimus then both performed on a recording by El Paso singer/ songwriter Leon LeBront.

Playing again felt good to the guys, even if it wasn't Skynyrd. In 1979, Billy, Artimus, Leon, Gary and Allen played along as session men for the new Jacksonville band "Alias" on their first (and only) album "Contraband". The Alias band consisted of many guys who were Jacksonville legends themselves; Dorman Cogburn (guitars), Jimmy Dougherty (vocals), Ricky Powell, Billy's brother (bass), and Jo Jo Billingsley. Also involved were local legends Randall Hall and Barrylee Harwood (guitars) and Derek Hess on drums.

Leon Wilkeson had suffered horrific injuries in the plane crash (even "dying" at one stage), which meant he joined the "Contraband" sessions later than the the others. In fact, when Leon came in, Gary and Allen were backing out. Leon believed that they had a disagreement with the director of the project. Someone then came up to Leon at the sessions and said

'What are we doing here? We ought to be making our own album.'"

Toward the end of 1979, Gary and Allen met in Jacksonville to discuss their options concerning the future. As they talked, Gary absent-mindedly picked up Steve Gaines' gold-top Les Paul guitar -- Steve's widow, Teresa, gave him the instrument in early 1978. Sitting in a chair strumming the guitar, Gary noticed an old platinum dobro and thought, "Wow! Gold and platinum. At the time, Allen was talking about the need for a Skynyrd greatest hits album. Gary remembered, "Allen said, 'Let's get all the best songs and them out on a record.' So that's what we did. We came up with the cover, but it was kind of simple."
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