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[email protected],this is the second source

1) Intro
2) World Painted Blood
3) Tom Welcomes the Crowd
4) War Ensemble
5) Jihad
6) At Dawn they Sleep
7) Born of Fire
8) Mandatory Suicide
9) Chemical Warfare
10) Ghosts of War
11) Spirit in Black
12) Hate Worldwide
13) Disciple
14) Dead Skin Mask
15) Hell Awaits
16) South of Heaven

CD2 (Reign in Blood):
17) Angel of Death
18) Piece by Piece
19) Necrophobic
20) Altar of Sacrifice
21) Jesus Saves
22) Criminally Insane
23) Reborn
24) Epidemic
25) Post Mortem
26) Raining Blood


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Man Id love to say I enjoyed seeing these guys again, BUT I live in Adelaide where Tom had to cancel the show due to his severe Laryngitis.
One of the biggest disappointments in life not getting to see Slayer this time.

Thanks for this upload though, I can now get to hear what we missed here.:icon_thum

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That link protector sucks some pretty serious ass - if you don't want to share the files then shove'em up your ass but don't inflict that fucking douchenozzle link protector on the rest of us.

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Ty ,,,,,,any Feed Back On The Sound?
I haven't played it in a long time, I remember it being gritty/noisy, like they were playing too loud and pretty sure this is off the soundboard too.

No feedback I remember, but not a show I have played more than few times.
Grabbed it for the nostalgia factor and was really impressed they still played the Reign In Blood album material so well.
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