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Slumber Official Site

Slumber are a melodic, atmospheric death/doom metal band based in Sweden, their debut album "Fallout" was released late last year.

Some guitar work reminds me of mid-period Katatonia.

Fallout seems to constantly be "moving" forward - Slumber manage to keep the same kind of feeling throughout the duration of the album, but do so without it becoming dry or repetitive as a result.

Vocals almost seem kind of "dubbed down", which some could see as a drawback but I think they've been mixed really well and in the finished product, the vocals really work as a "part" of the music and have their own place like any other instrument instead of becoming overpowering as they do with many bands of a similar nature.

Anyone that seeks melodic, emotional and melancholic music should check them out. You can download the opening track from the album at the media section of their offical site.
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