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short answer: who knows?

I just use google and search through tons of pages until I find a decent midi that doesn't require a lot of alterations... and go from there.
I also found that the GuitarPro files that come with bas and drums (most, it seems) are a good source too, if you have GuitarPro, of course. Incidentally, I also find GuitarPro an excellent way to modify existing midi files... changing notes and durations, adding clicks as a count-in, modifying drum tracks... even adding extra tracks.

I used to shudder when I heard the word "midi", now I'm realising how good a *good* midi can sound. It all depends on how much effort yo put into it. Especially the drums.

Really, get yourself GuitarPro, and then the rest of the Freeware as per PodGod's tutorial... and you'll make your own backing tracks in no time!

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