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Soloing over "Rock with Yngwie Backing Track"

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It's just an one take solo over "Rock with Yngwie" backin track. I used Guitar Port on these and a Gibson LP studio [stock pickups]. Tell me what you think.
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nice :)
had this on repeat for bout 10 mins while doin som other stuff, was cool dude ;)
cool chops ;)
Thanks guys for listening my 4 minute shred wanking :) and for your flattering comments. Truelly apreciated it.
SLOB I liked very much your tone and your feeling on Fool For your Loving. Me and my previous covered the Slip of the Tonque version once but barely grabbed that feeling.
cheers ;)
i also use a guitarport ;)
i've been meaning to bosh up my tones on my webspace, i'll get round to it in the next day or so as sharing tones are cool
as for the feeling well its gotta come within, thnx ;) if ya want even more feelin dosage checkout my version of The Loner and that 80s ballad track on the forum ;)
I checked them:) Great take on the 80s ballad jam track. lot's of Gary in your playing - I like that:)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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